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Please e-mail any questions, comments, or stories to us at .  We would welcome any additions to our files, and quite possibly could post them to this web site for consideration by the car-buying general public.  Any personal information will be kept strictly confidential.  Or, if you prefer, feel free to view or place comments in the guestbook by clicking below:

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Also, please click on the Pass-It-On button to tell your friends and help get the word out about Winebarger Ford:

I will not be responsible for stories or comments left by others, and if you leave a comment, do not use foul language.  Due to previous abuse, the guestbook is now 'moderated' - meaning I have to approve the entries before they will be posted.  So, type all you want, but if it doesn't pass inspection, it won't show up.

Abuse of the guest book including foul language, slanderous, libelous, and / or inappropriate comments will not be tolerated.  

Thanks for stopping by!