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  The $60 Inspection and Other Stories
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The $60 Inspection

The Recall Refusal

 The $60 Inspection

I've got a story for you.

Now, you should know that this happened years ago, but this is the reason that I haven't traded with Winebarger Ford in years.  The only time I go there is to get a part that I can't get anywhere else.

My tail-light was burned out, so I went to Winebarger Ford to get a new bulb put in.  The mechanic that looked at my car said, "Hey, do you know your inspection sticker is expired?"

I told him that I hadn't noticed and asked him if they did inspections.  He told me that they did, so I told him to go ahead and inspect it.

Before I knew what was happening, several mechanics surrounded the car with thier creepers, and rolled under the car.  Then one of them hooked something up to the front of the car.  He said it was something to adjust the headlights.  Then another guy said he had to 'adjust' the exhaust.  Before I knew it, everyone needed to adjust something.

This all happened back when if your car wasn't too loud, the horn blew, and the lights came on, they'd slap a sticker on your car, take your $5 for the inspection, and wave goodbye as you drove away.

Well, this guy 'adjusted' the headlights, then the others all did what they were pretending to do, and, less than 5 minutes later, they backed my car out of the shop and gave me a bill for about $60.  I was expecting a bill for about $10 - $5 for the tail-light and $5 for the inspection  They wouldn't let me take my car until I paid the bill, so I didn't have much choice of what to do.  I paid their bill and haven't been back since except when I had no other choice.

From what I understand, Winebarger Ford has only gone downhill since then.  I would recommend that everyone avoid them if at all possible.

Pleasant Hill

 The Recall Refusal

I have a Winebarger Ford story.  I wouldn't take my bicycle there to be worked on.

A few years ago, my brother bought a new Ford Thunderbird at Ceiner - Woods Ford in Kernersville.  He bought it there because they do a lot of fancy graphics on their cars.  That's something that you can't find at the car dealers around here..A few months after he bought it, we got a postcard in the mail from Ford Motor Company.  There was some kind of company-wide recall on his car.

We called Ciener - Woods Ford to ask them about it.  The guy we talked to said not to worry, that any Ford dealer would be more than happy to take care of it, and he asked if we had a Ford dealer closer to us.  We told him that Winebarger Ford was our local dealer.  He said to just take it there and they would be glad to handle the repair.

When we showed up at Winebrger Ford, we spoke to the gentlemen in the office about the recall and showed them the card that we received in the mail.  They told us that since we didn't buy the car from them, they wouldn't help us.  They said that we would have to take the car back where we bought it.

We called Ciener - Woods Ford back and they told us that they were sorry for the way that Winebarger Ford had treated us and to bring the car down any time and they would take care of the problem.

Ciener - Woods Ford fixed the car, apologized again for us having to drive so far, and filled the gas tank with gas before we left, all at no charge!

If you want to deal with a Ford dealer that will stand behind the product that they sell, go to Ciener - Woods Ford in Kernersville, NC.

State Road, NC