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Web Site Purpose and Legal Notice
Until I moved with my family to the Elkin, North Carolina area, I had never experienced sales or service tactics like those used by the car dealer in question.  All the stereotypes of the 'used car dealer' that I never believed, were suddenly proven to be true.  This web site contains a true account of my experience with this particular car dealer.  Of course, your experience may vary.

This web site  was created solely for the purpose of bringing attention to what appear to be the highly unprofessional, and illegal, business practices of a local car dealer.  

Please take note that the stories and / or opinions expressed are my own and those of the visitors to this site.  They are not to be accepted as undeniable fact, however it would be advisable that they be  taken into consideration when doing business with any car dealer in the Elkin, NC area.

Please note that the name of the automobile dealer used herein is completely fictitious, and is not the actual name of the dealership as it is incorporated, and therefore, to the best of my knowledge, this web site, and the name (or URL) thereof, do not violate any copyright, registration, or any other laws.

 Also, take note that this web site, or its author is in no way associated with Winebarger Motor Company, Incorporated, and cannot and will not make any comments or answer any questions relating to Winebarger Motor Company, Incorporated.  Please be sure to refer to Winebarger Ford if you should leave any comments and/or questions, and not to Winebarger Motor Company, Incorporated.

Unless otherwise stated, links to organizations and / or businesses provided on this web site are provided for convenience only, and are not to be interpreted as either endorsements or sponsorship of those organizations by this web site or endorsements or sponsorship of this web site by those organizations.  

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